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Two Down, Ten To Go
12/15/2014 - By: Rick Sherrod - Jacket Backer

First things first! Congratulations to this year’s two 1A state championship teams, who won the...[More]
Still In The Hunt (Week 16 Preview)
12/11/2014 - By: Rick Sherrod - Jacket Backer

STILL IN THE HUNT . . . or, FUN FACTS ABOUT CLUB 4 Week 16! Welcome to the Semifinals (...[More]
Football Philosophy - An Homage To Yogi
12/4/2014 - By: Rick Sherrod - Jacket Backer

One of my favorite quotes comes from the great American “philosopher,” Yogi Berra: the game “ai...[More]
Club 4—Who's Hot & Who's Not
11/27/2014 - By: Rick Sherrod - Jacket Backer

On September 8, 2014, my Lone Star Football Network blog addressed the prospects of all those t...[More]
ƩAE or Scarborough “Fair”?!?!?
11/20/2014 - By: Rick Sherrod - Jacket Backer

ƩAE or Scarborough “Fair”?!?!?* (with apologies to Simon & Garfunkel) In the late ...[More]
A Tale of Two Roys
11/13/2014 - By: Rick Sherrod - Jacket Backer

I love this time of year! And evidently, people can tell it. As I walk down the high school h...[More]
Strawn's Harrison Nowak Sets New State / National Passing Records
11/12/2014 - By: Leman Saunders - Football Historian

Last Friday night Strawn traveled to Gustine for the final game of the regular season and for s...[More]
Playoff Pairings Have Been Posted
11/10/2014 - By: Shanon Hunt - LSFN

Week one of the 2014 UIL Texas High School Playoffs pairings have been posted. Please check you...[More]